modular house-transition MHP

multifunctional for power and water pipelines ᴓ19 - 63,5 mm

Module house introduction MHP application

Schuck MHP modular house entries are the ideal solution for wall ducts for power cables and water pipes. The flexible sealing system enables reliable, tool-free sealing of the line in a large diameter range. The coordinated system of round thread jacket and flexible accessories enables quick, safe and standard-compliant installation in every situation. Available from September 2021.

  • Sealing of cable penetrations in buildings
  • suitable for power and water lines
  • Ideal for wet installation with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus
  • Rigid version for buildings with a basement
  • Flexible design with factory-welded and tested jacket protection pipe according to DVGW G459-1 and VP601 for buildings without a basement
  • Integration in building sealing using sealing flange 18533 Trenchless house connection in connection with the Schuck sealing screen

Can be combined with fiber optic (FTTX) as a fiber optic version

More information in the film and in the downloads


Module house introduction MHP highlights

  • One component for electricity and water  
  • Low stock keeping due to few variants
  • Segment seal for stepless sealing
  • Large diameter range per seal
  • Toolless assembly
  • Hand-tightening the screw-in element onto the block is sufficient for a secure seal
  • Compact diameter
  • Sealed end cap prevents dirt from entering
  • Well-known built-in system
  • Easy pulling in of the cable
  • The line can be changed at any time

Module house entry MHP technical details

  • For buildings with or without a basement
  • Available for two diameter ranges:
    • RG66 / 60 for cables ᴓ 19 – 40.5 mm
    • RG95 / 90 for cables ᴓ 39 – 63.5 mm
  • each in the lengths 420mm and 720mm
  • Pressure tight up to 1 bar
  • ideally suited for wet installation with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus
  • DVGW VP601 and VDE-AR-N 4100 compliant
  • GW390 and DIN 18533 compatible
  • Sealing system gas and water tight up to 1 bar
  • Flexible designs for buildings without a basement
  • with factory-welded gas-tight and tested jacket protection tube (1 bar)
  • Lengths for MHP-Flex: LW3,000, LW6,000, LW10,000 and LW15,000
  • Can be shortened on site
  • No metallic parts – no corrosion
  • Extendable on site with standard cable duct (not gas-tight)

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