Beto-Fix Plus

The certified grouting mortar, suitable for simple and universal grouting of a wall duct.

Schuck Beto-Fix Plus is a swelling grout, especially for pouring house entries. It particularly stands out from conventional mortars due to its positive properties and easy processing.

The wide range of accessories for many common construction site situations allows safe and standard-compliant installation of house entries for different media and in every situation:

  • open design
  • trenchless
  • buildings with or without a basement
  • any wall structure (concrete, brick, filigree wall, pumice stone, white tub …)
  • any breakthrough (core drilling, mortised …)
  • new construction, renovation, compaction
  • DIN 18533 with suitable sealing flange (see accessories)
  • Simple, safe and controllable processing
  • Controllable result
  • Cement-bound
  • Can be processed up to 1 ° C
  • Frost-proof and resilient approx. 1 hour after installation
  • Does not shrink
  • Self-compacting
  • Approximately 3-5 minutes highly flowable
  • De-icing salt water and oil resistant
  • Gas-tight
  • radon tight
  • Waterproof
  • Plastic and tempered
  • Drinking water approved
  • Economical
  • DVGW-Approved*

*combined with DVGW approved Schuck house transitions

The use of materials is easy to understand for utilities due to the red color. Schuck Beto-Fix Plus is easy to identify and easy to distinguish from other products even after years.

  • Mineral dry mortar
  • Plastic and tempered
  • No risk to health
  • Suitable for drinking water
  • Packaging unit: 8 kg in a bucket and 24 kg
  • Packed in a bucket with 4 and 12 bags of 2 kg each and a suitable measuring cup
  • One bag (2kg) gives about one liter of finished mixture
  • Low swelling behavior for maximum material tightness and against shrinkage cracks

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