water house-transition WHP

Water transition for buildings with / without basement, DN25 to DN 50

Schuck water transition WHP are the optimal solution for wall penetrations of water pipes. The coordinated system of round thread sheath and flexible accessories enables quick, safe and standard-compliant installation in every situation.

  • Ideal for wet installation with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus
  • Rigid construction for buildings with cellar
  • Flexible version with flexible part made of PE and factory-welded and tested jacket protective tube for buildings without cellar
  • Special solutions as double flexible version (inner part bendable)
  • Integration in building sealing with sealing flange 18533
  • Trenchless house connection in conjunction with the Schuck density screen
  • Can be combined with glass fiber (FTTX) as fiber optic version
  • Known and proven quick mounting system for the Schuck gas house entry
  • Extensive accessories for every application
  • Simple, quick and safe installation thanks to a coordinated system
  • Round thread jacket for flexible attachment of accessories
  • Universally suitable for dry and wet installation
  • Pressure-tight connection between the supply line and the building
  • Can be used in all multi-line bushings
  • Designed for maximum service life and operational safety
  • The length of the PE welding end is sufficient for at least two welds
  • Rotatable brass nipple makes subsequent adjustment easy
  • Proven hundreds of thousands of times across Europe
  • Available in nominal sizes DN 25-50
  • Pressure level PN16
  • DVGW VP601 certified
  • Wet installation with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus or Tangit M3000
  • Dry installation with Schuck dry installation set or B1 interface
  • Connection in the building with an external thread or PE tip
  • Round thread jacket lengths LR420mm and LR720mm
  • Lengths with flexible HEK in meter increments
  • PE-Flex can be shortened on site
  • Further details, dimensions, etc. can be found in our brochure