Schuck staff

Development, safety and training

Our most important asset is our staff. They not only provide superb services for our customers, but they are the foundation on which a lively, developing company is built.

With a trainee-to-employee ratio of almost 10 %, we ensure that our personnel are both well-qualified and motivated in the medium and long term. Training is not only provided in commercial activities. Young people in the Schuck Group have been studying technical and commercial professions at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg for over 20 years. Almost 100 % of the trainees are subsequently employed by the company.

To ensure that learning doesn‘t stop once the final exam has been passed, the Schuck Academy was started several years ago. The company‘s own learning academy provides production staff, office workers, and management personnel with ongoing training to provide them with new skills and enhance existing ones. From language courses to qualification programs to active training – we constantly intervene to ensure our staff is always well-qualified and highly motivated.

So that we don‘t lose sight of the security, safety, and of the responsibility that we shoulder for our employees and their families, we commit special attention to safety in the workplace and to the health of our employees. First aid training, defibrillator training, and a wide range of safety regulations are just a few of the means by which we achieve this.

We also take preventive action and give our employees the opportunity to inform themselves about protection for hands, skin and hearing as well as their own fitness and to receive suggestions about how to live a healthy life.