gas house-transition HSP

For buildings with and without basements, DN25 to DN50, PN5

Schuck Firesafe Schalthebel FI 2

Schuck gas house-transitions HSP are the optimal solution for routing gas pipes through walls. The fully co-ordinated system and flexible accessories enables quick, safe and standard-compliant installation in every situation.

  • Ideal for installation with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus
  • Installation also with rubber seals and ARP plate
  • Installation in any multi-part with VP601-B1 interface
  • Rigid construction for buildings with cellar
  • Flexible design with factory welded and tested jacket protection tube according to DVGW G459-1 and VP601 for buildings without cellar
    • HSP-PEFLEX with flexible part made of PE
    • HSP-FLEX with highly flexible part made of stainless steel
    • HSP-SLIMFLEX as a very compact and highly flexible version especially for user-friendly installation in multi-sections
  • Special solutions as angled or double flexible version (inner part bendable)
  • Integration in building sealing with sealing flange 18533
  • Trenchless house connection in conjunction with the Schuck density screen
  • Can be combined with fibre optic (FTTX) as a fibre optic version
  • H2-Ready for grids with up to 100% hydrogen input
  • H2-Ready for up to 100% hydrogen input
  • Proven ball valve type SK-GTN in low pressure sealing GT version
  • Simple, fast and safe installation through co-ordinated system
  • Round-threaded jacket for flexible attachment of accessories
  • Extensive accessories for every application
  • Universally suitable for dry and wet installation
  • Suitable for all multi-part bushings
  • PE-coated ball valve has a high-quality corrosion protection
  • Fulfilling “TAE” requirements with Firesafe lever (FI)
  • Designed for maximum service life and operational safety
  • Length PE welding end is sufficient for at least two welds
  • Proven millions of times across Europe
  • Available in nominal sizes DN 25-50
  • Pressure rating PN5
  • DVGW VP601 Certified
  • Gas quality according to DVGW G260 (without liquid LPG) with up to 100% hydrogen input
  • Wet installation with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus or Tangit M3000
  • Dry installation with Schuck dry installation set or B1 interface
  • Ball valve according to DIN EN 331
  • Standard handle or Firesafe handle
  • Angled or straight version ball valve
  • Outlet IG, RV, flange or loose flange
  • Round thread length LR420mm, LR720mm, (LR1170mm possible with DN25)
  • Lengths with flexible HEK in meter increments
  • PE-Flex can be shortened on site, not all others
  • Further details, dimensions, etc. can be found in our brochure

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