Safety sleeve type SMH

For processing pressures up to 4.0 bar

Safety sleeve SMH application

The Schuck safety sleeve was specially developed to be able to work safely at higher operating pressures of up to 4 bar. The sizes are matched to the 4 bar bladder setting device from Hütz and Baumgarten. The increased safety is made possible by a special sealing system, which has to be activated by a 2 component resin during construction site assembly and ensures that the sealing rings are pressed securely.

  • PN 16 to PN 100
  • DN 80 to DN 200
  • temperature range from -10°C to +50°C
  • processing pressure up to 4.0 bar
  • operating medium gas (fluid group 1)
  • for pressure up to 1 bar see “SMU”

Safety sleeve SMH highlights

  • time and cost savings
  • safe and inexpensive alternative to costly hot tapping
  • it is quick and easy to connect different diameters when reparing older lines
  • enables quick commissioning of the pipe network
  • complex bypass lines can be omitted or dimensioned smaller

Safety sleeve SMH design

  • Special sealing system must be activated on site according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • DN 80 to DN 200
  • processing pressure up to 4.0 bar
  • operating pressure after welding PN16 to PN100
  • acceptance according to EN 10204 3.1 / 3.2 from PN 40 DN 250
  • rolling rings made of foam rubber  (EPDM) DIN 4060