Sealing flange 18533

The universal sealing flange according to DIN 18533 for buildings with PMBC (KMB) and membrane sealing

Schuck-Dichtflansch 18533
Schuck-Dichtflansch 18533

The new DIN 18533 regulates the professional sealing of components in contact with the ground and their connection for all penetrations into the building

  • Liquid sealants such as PMBC (KMB) and membranes are approved for water impact classes W1-E and W2.1-E
  • Schuck ast he standard, safe solution for connecting to it:
  • The new 18533 sealing flange
  • Optimal integration into existing seals
  • Easy assembly, inexpensive solution
  • No waiting times (construction site solutions)
  • Safe result in one operation
  • Direct casting or retrofitting possible
  • Compatible with Schuck electricity, gas and water house entries and Schuck Beto-Fix Plus
  • Installation of Schuck-Pipe (LWL) possible
  • Required security with W2.1-E
  • Additional security for W1.1-E and W1.2-E
  • Ideal for new buildings and renovations
  • Compliant with DIN 18533
  • Specially designed for Schuck house entries
  • Can either be used on already poured house entries or used directly as a casting device when installing a new house entry
  • For casting with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus, the cap is replaced by the reusable funnel.
  • Potting from the inside of the building is also possible. For this purpose, the cap on the sealing flange is removed for venting during casting.
  • Suitable for house entries with FO
  • Available in the three sizes RG66 / 60, RG80 / 75 and RG95 / 90 for house entries DN25 to DN50, for gas, water, electricity and TK
  • The sealing flange is also preferable to construction site solutions for water exposure class W1-E. The higher security and faster processing in one operation saves valuable time and costs.