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The safe trenchless installation of house entries with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus

With the Schuck sealing screen for trenchless house connections, Schuck house entries can be safely poured into a basement wall without having to dig in front of the building.

  • Trenchless complete system
  • For gas, water and electricity – additional pipe for fibre optic cable is also available
  • DN25 to DN50 (gas and water)
  • Cable up to 4 x 150² (ᴓ 48 mm)
  • Head hole on the main line is sufficient
  • Jacking pipe not absolutely necessary
  • Proven wet installation with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus
  • Trenchless house connection
  • Economical
  • Fast and clean
  • No civil engineering work on the property
  • Only target pit necessary
  • Assembly and potting from the inside of the building
  • For Schuck gas, water and electricity house entries
  • Installation also possible with an additional pipe for fibre optic cable
  • DVGW-approved installation with Schuck-Beto-Fix Plus
  • Controllable security during potting
  • The route is created using an earth displacement hammer (earth rocket) and, if necessary, secured against collapse with a jacking pipe
  • House entry with sealing screen is pushed through the core hole
  • Sealing screen forms outer casing for Schuck Beto-Fix Plus in the ground on the outside of the wall
  • The entrance to the house is filled with Schuck Beto-Fix plus from the inside of the building
  • System available for house entries DN25 to DN50 (gas / water) or cables up to ᴓ 48 mm
  • Up to 3 x Schuck pipe for FTTX fiber optic connection can also be installed