transition with glass fiber

Inexpensive installation of glass fiber in a core hole with gas, water or electricity house entries

The parallel installation of a Schuck gas or water house entry with an empty pipe for glass fiber in a common core hole makes it possible to set up the infrastructure for a glass fiber network with very little effort. Thus, the supplier and the end customer have a high cost advantage and a short construction time.

  • New construction in open construction
  • Refurbishment with existing old connection
  • See also “Sanova renovation capsule”
  • Trenchless reconnection in compaction
  • See also “Trenchless sealing screen”
  • Building with basement: 90 ° bend on the inside
  • Building without basement: Without 90 ° bend in lengths 4; 7 and 11 meters
  • One core hole, two media
  • For gas and water house connections
  • DVGW approved system
  • Universal solution for all connection situations
  • Fast and inexpensive installation
  • Proven system solutions
  • Safe installation
  • System pipes available in two colors

The Schuck Pipe with an outer diameter of 10mm, a wall thickness of 2mm and a defined surface treatment for an optimal connection to Schuck Beto-Fix Plus is especially suitable for installation with Schuck house entries. For buildings with a basement, there is a 90 ° bend similar to the angled ball valve, while for buildings without a basement, different lengths are available according to the flexible house entries. The included accessories simplify safe installation and operation.

  • Scope of delivery:
  • Schuck Pipe single (gray) or double (gray and green)
  • Gas-tight end coupling on the inside of the building
  • Dirt plug on the outside of the building
  • SCHUCK clip with cable tie
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Pre-assembled on house entry or loose

Optional accessories:

  • Filling set LWL with machined potting plate and spacer sleeve
  • Reducing coupling 7×10 or 10×12 for the connection with 7mm or 12mm pipes