Empty conduit system LRS

For laying empty pipes in buildings without basement / www.schuck-leerohrsystem.de

Schuck Leerrohrsystem
Schuck-Einbausituation so nicht
Schuck Leerrohrsystem LRS

In buildings without basement, KG pipes have often been used for house connections. Damage due to leaks can occur in the area of ​​the base plate due to a lack of connection. This is where the Schuck empty conduit system comes in:

A specially coated casing pipe not only ensures an optimal seal between the empty pipe and the base plate, but also between the house entry to be installed later and the casing pipe. A fixed elbow for easy insertion of the house entry and other accessories complete the complete set.

  • Building without a basement
  • Empty pipe system for installation before the base plate is poured
  • For the later insertion of supply lines
  • Standard-compliant, safe and tight house connection
  • Gas, water, electricity, telecommunications
  • DN25 to DN50 (gas / water)

  • Universal complete system for buildings without a basement
  • Can be flexibly expanded on site
  • DVGW certified casing
  • Clear separation of functions, therefore maximum security
  • System for wet installation with Schuck Beto-Fix Plus
  • Available for connections from DN25 to DN50
  • Specified bending radius
  • Factory-welded and tested jacket protection tube at the house entry
  • Safe assembly regardless of education

  • Mineral coated casing pipe for optimal connection to the floor slab
  • Casing tube also coated on the inside
  • For wet installation of a flexible house entry
  • Pre-assembled membrane in the casing as a drainage barrier when pouring
  • A minimum filling height of 150 mm in the base plate is always ensured
  • Rigid 90° bend for maintaining the minimum bending radius without distortion
  • Telescopic spit and alignment lid with spirit level for optimal alignment
  • For buildings without a basement
  • To advance an empty pipe route
  • Simple system for untrained personnel
  • Empty pipe does not have to be gas-tight in itself, therefore safe assembly regardless of education
  • Gas-tight protective jacket pipe is ensured by house entry
  • Suitable for gas, water, electricity and telecommunications