compensator type SDS and SDS-K

Maintencance-free, self-sealing compensator

Kompensator SDS und SDS-K

The Schuck pipeline linear compensator is a maintenance-free, self-sealing compensator, which is designed as a freely movable, stored and in and out tight construction. The compensator can be used for gas, oil and water pipes. Its maintenance-free operation is ensured by the two self-sealing, separately testable sealing systems, the prevention of the ingress of dirt, as well as the protection of the parts susceptible to corrosion by special machining. The ready-to-install compensator with its special design is reusable.

  • Compensation of length changes to pipelines
  • Extension and shortening, +/- 400 mm (standard)
  • Preferably used in: subsidence areas, earthquake areas, thermally induced change in length (for example in sunlight)
  • Two separately operating sealing sets
  • No re-tightening of the sealing system
  • Large torques possible during movement / flexion
  • Defined separation of the two seals
  • Combined wiper system
  • Long-lasting lubrication of the sliding surfaces
  • Separate testing of sealing systems possible
  • Easy adjustability
  • For nominal pressures up to 100 bar
  • Piggable
  • Ready to mount component
  • reusable
  • Integration into a CCP-system possible
  • Maintenance-free, self-sealing compensator
  • Freely movable, stored and internally and externally tight construction
  • Guiding / sealing by two separate systems
  • Sealing systems separately testable
  • A scraper prevents the penetration of fine particles such as dust, etc.
  • Easy-running guides
  • Permanent lubrication of all moving parts
  • Protection of corrosion-prone parts
  • Pipes L360NB according to EN 10208-3
  • PN16: DIN 2470 Part 1
  • > PN16: DVGW G463
  • AD 2000 factsheets
  • According to EN 10204 with APZ 3.1 APZ 3.2
  • Pipes L360NB according to EN 10208-3
  • Pipes P355 N according to EN 10216-3

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