water transition ROKA-W and HSFLEX-W

For basement and non-basement buildings, DN 80 to DN 200

Water house entries ROKA-W and HSFLEX-W application

Schuck ROKA-W and HSFLEX-W water house entries are the optimal solution for wall penetrations of large water pipes. The pull-out and torsion-proof construction is ideally suited for simple, safe and standard-compliant dry and wet installation and ensures high safety and economy.

  • Rigid version for basement buildings
    • Dry installation in casing or core drilling in concrete wall
    • Wet installation in any wall
  • Flexible design with protective hose for buildings /factories that do not have a basement
    • Wet installation in floor slab
  • Industry, large buildings, office buildings, apartment buildings

Water house entries ROKA-W and HSFLEX-W highlights

  • Unit ready for assembly
  • Simple and safe installation
  • Suitable for both dry and wet installation
  • Pressure-tight connection between the supply line and the building
  • Tear and twist-proof
  • Ready-to-assemble unit with stable connection for building installation
  • Building protection through defined sealing
  • High quality corrosion protection
  • Dry sealing element can be tightened through the mounting plate
  • High profitability

Water house entries ROKA-W and HSFLEX-W design

  • Straight outlet on the output side or 90 ° bend with flange according to DIN1092-1
  • Blue PE100 pipe on the input side, SDR11, DIN EN 1555-2 and GW335-A2
  • Welded steel excavator pull-out protection according to G459-1
  • Rigid version ROKA-W PN16
  • Flexible design HSFLEX-W PN10
  • The flexible part of the HSFLEX-W consists of a longitudinally reinforced stainless steel corrugated hose