Manual Actuator

Actuator with Handwheel

  • Offshore/Onshore, stations, pipeline blocking devices
  • All Versions for  Ex Zone I
  • Ambient temperature –60°C bis +80°C
  • Optimum adaptation of the torque curve through the Scotch-Yoke principle
  • Exact, distance-proportional position indication over the entire travel
  • Electric Limit Switch  optional
  • Looking Device optional
  • Suitable for Ex Zone 1
  • Retrofitting with electric motor possible
  • Actuation via handwheel or squar
  • Scotch-Yoke principle
  • Versions up to an output torque of 600,000 Nm available
  • Design Temperature from –60°C bis +80°C
  • Housing and fork made of durable and ductile cast iron (Optional Steel)
  • Maintenance-free due to teflon coated bearings
  • mechanical end stops for precise adjustment of the pivoting movement