insulating joint for drinking water type SHD-W

Insulating joint with two levels of safety for all types of water

  • Insulating joint for use in particularly conductive media (water, brine …)
  • Double insulation separates the steel pipe electrically and minimizes the flow of current through the medium through special inner lining
  • Suitable for drinking water and service water
  • Insulating joint for drinking water, water, sewage, salt water
  • for above- and below-ground use
  • Pipelines up to ≥ DN1600 / PN4 to ≥ PN64
  • Temperature range up to + 50 ° C
  • Integrated and patented ring spark gap reduces overvoltages without electrically destroying the insulating joint
  • Additional insulation separates the steel pipe from the medium, minimizing leakage currents in the medium
  • suitable for cathodic corrosion protection systems
  • Ready to install, non-positive and fully welded construction
  • no loss of preload force
  • homogeneous seamless exterior insulation
  • rigid version
  • Version with welding end or with flange possible
  • The interior lining extends the path for the flow through the medium
  • According to the conductivity in the medium, the insulation length is adjusted to reduce the current drain to a reasonable minimum