Compressing Seal VPD

For closing gas lines for increased security according to BGR500

When closing gas lines, the Schuck compression seal meets the increased safety requirements of the BGR500

  • Optionally with ventilation opening for flushing the work area
  • Closure of the bore with self-sealing plug
  • Welding temperature without influence on the sealing element due to optimal distance
  • simple design and handling
  • Welding end for securely closing the gas line
  • Large sealing surface on the inside of the tube
  • Compensation of pipe tolerances through the sealing element
  • 3/8” thread for connecting a ventilation hose
  • Shear proof up to 2 bar with a tightening torque of only 3 Nm
  • Nominal size range DN25 – DN50
  • Pressure level PN16
  • Solid turned version
  • Twisted chamfer on the pipe end for easy welding