basic actuator type SST

Modular System for 90° with Scotch-Yoke Principle up to 600.000 Nm

The Schuck basic drive SST offers a 90 ° swivel angle and an optimally adjusted torque of up to 600,000 Nm.
Thus, it can be used in almost all OPEN / ZU applications of fittings.

In addition, the basic drive is approved in all versions for Ex Zone I and fully functional from -60 ° C to + 80 ° C.

  • Optimum adaptation of the torque curve through the Scotch-Yoke principle
  • Exact, distance-proportional position indication over the entire travel
  • Atmospherically ventilated basic drive
  • End stops for exact adjustment of the swivel movement and for the absorption of the max. output torque
  • By plastic-coated bearings maintenance-free
  • Modular system with bearing components
  • Built in a modular system, thus numerous variations and combinations.
  • Hand drives with handwheel
  • Electric drives with electric motor and handwheel
  • Hydraulic drives with hydraulic cylinders
  • Pneumatic drives with pneumatic cylinder
  • Housing and fork made of durable and ductile nodular cast iron
  • Especially good dry running properties
  • For temperatures down to -60 ° C
  • On customer request housing and fork also made of sheet steel
  • Ductile cast iron GGG 40
  • Extensive function tests of the drive with the valve in the factory possible