Actuator System Type K

pneumatic double-acting actuator system

  • Offshore/onshore, substations, pipeline blocking devices and safety shut-off valves
  • All versions for Ex Zone I
  • Ambient temperature -60°C to +80°C
  • Operating pressure 2 to 12 bar (pneumatic), 10 to 150 bar (high pressure)
  • Rapid closure < 15 sec. up to 48” is possible
  • Compact design reduces the amount of pipes and screw fittings required
  • Low drive power
  • Separate adjustment times for OPEN and CLOSE
  • On-site manual control
  • Remote control
  • Electrical supply and control voltage if required by customer
  • The modular system permits one or more different signal receptors and additional attachments
  • Operated by own medium
  • Operated by compressed air
  • With power failure response system (ESD)
  • Control voltage 24 VDC, 110/220 VDC/AC, 230 VAC
  • Thorough testing of the actuator and valve ensures reliable operation
  • Control system made of seawater resistant materials
  • Stainless steel pipes and screw fittings
  • Compact, lockable and seawater resistant control cabinet