Actuator System Type C7/C8

Electro Hydraulic Spring Return Actuator System

  • Offshore / Onshore, stations, pipeline blocking devices and safety shut-off valves
  • All versions for Ex Zone I
  • Ambient temperature  –60°C to +80°C
  • Operating pressure up to 200 bar
  • Rapid closure < 15 Sek. to 48“ is possible
  • Reliable driving in the safety position via spring
  • Compact design means a minimum of piping and fittings
  • Integrated seawater-resistant oil return tank with non-pressurized, permanent oil level indicator, including electrical oil level monitoring
  • Automatic reset to normal operation after emergency manual operation (eliminates risk of incorrect operation)
  • Separate and infinitely variable adjustment time for OPEN and CLOSE
  • On-site manual control via Push Buttons
  • Emergency manual operation with hand pump
  • Low maintenance with self-cleaning/self-ventilating oil circulation
  • Electrical supply and control voltage acc. Customer Specification
  • The modular system permits use of one or more different signal receptors and additional attachments
  • Pad lock for securing in OPEN or CLOSED position (optional)
  • Ambient temperature up to -60 ° C possible
  • Power Supply 24-VDC to 400-VAC
  • Electronic control type SEC100 Ex d for runtime, pressure and oil level control
  • Bladder or piston accumulator acc. ASME or PED
  • Line Break System as an option
  • Pressure point exceeded or underrun as an option
  • Electric Power Failur (ESD) as an option
  • Control System made of seawater resistant materials
  • Piping and screw connection made of stainless steel
  • Compact, lockable and seawater resistant control cabinet
  • SIL3 possible



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