steel-PE connector PES-R1 / PESV

Ready-to-install material transfer connectors for metal and plastic lines

Ready-to-install material transition connectors for connecting metal and plastic lines.

  • Covered
  • station
  • installation
  • Versions for natural gas, liquid gas, biogas and water
  • Multiple welds possible due to extended PE welding end
  • Ready to install
  • DVGW approved
  • Compact design
  • Chambered PE pipe, therefore insensitive to temperature influences
  • High quality corrosion protection
  • Tried and tested a million times over, robust and suitable for construction sites
  • Version PES-R1 ISO 17885 certified
  • tested and approved according to VP600
  • Fulfillment of many additional requirements (stress-free, impact test, current stand 1000h …)
  • Different connection options on the steel side:
    • Welding end
    • External thread
    • DIN flange
    • Pushers
    • Copper pipe
    • Stainless steel press tube
  • Plastic side:
    • PE100, PE100-RC, PEX
    • Dimensions according to DIN EN 1555
    • SRD11 or SDR17
  • Version PES-R1 (DN 25-50, PE100) with molded plastic side and yellow casing (known from our gas house entry HSP) in addition to DVGW also certified according to ISO 17885
  • PESV version with standard PE pipes and shrinking