nozzle check valve Type DRV

Low-maintenance, low-noise valve that reliably prevents backflow.

Düsenrückschlagventil für Rückströmung, wartungsfrei, geräuscharm

The Schuck nozzle check valve is a maintenance-free, low-noise valve, which is used to prevent backflow.

It was designed for the gas sector and is available in various designs and lengths and therefore versatile, eg.  in compressor stations or processes in refineries. The primary metallic / secondary soft seal, the flow-favorable design with low pressure losses and the wide working range (Qmin / Qmax) make the Schuck nozzle check valve a reliable product.

Not least, it is Fire Safe tested to ISO10697 / API 607 ​​and thus ensures safe use.

  • Streamlined shape with axial valve plate
  • Optimal hydraulic behavior
  • Wide workspace (Qmin / Qmax)
  • Insensitivity to foreign bodies
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting position possible.
  • Various designs / lengths
  • Designed for use in the gas sector
  • Primary metallic / secondary soft sealing system
  • Low-noise and low-impact operation
  • freedom from maintenance
  • Fire Safe according to ISO 10697 / API 607
  • Cladding in the sealing area
  • Low pressure losses
  • version with welding ends, with flange or as clamped version available
  • Pressure equipment directive with CE marking (Module G, category IV)
  • DIN 30690, DIN 3230-5
  • API 6D
  • fire safe tested to ISO 10697 / API 607
  • inspection certificate 3.1 or 3.2 or declaration of conformity / certificate